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JD, Lady Ginger, and Lady Charlotte of Salado . . . circa 2003

This website is about myself and those close to me. I have lived a life rich with friends and adventure in far away places. From a humble beginning in North Texas, I have traveled around the world, and lived for a time in Saudi Arabia, and France. If you browse through the pages of this website you will find evidence of a part of my past. It may interest some and bore others, but it is all about what I am. First of all I am a born again Christian, and I believe that this country was founded by Christians as a land open for all, without religious persecution, but formed under God!
The navigation pages listed on the left will lead the reader to areas that might be of interest.  Some of the pages may still be under construction, others like "Short Stories," and "Photo Gallery" will be changed from time to time.

 1 - CD's Produced Produced shows some of the CD's that I have produced, for myself and others.  There are sample songs that you can choose to play.

 2 - Biography is a short autobiography.  I say short, because it doesn't cover nearly all.

 3 - The Book is about the book I had published in 1995.  It is about a summer adventure of a couple of teenage boys in 1947.  So far, I've had nothing but great reviews from book editors.

 4 - Short Stories Here are a few of my short stories, some published and some unpublished.  They will be changed on a random basis.

 5 - Photo Gallery Photos of interest mostly to my family, but cruise if you like.

 6 - Feed Back This page is for your comments . . . praise or pain.

 7 - Aviation is for those interested in such things.  The page shows some of the different types and categories I've flown.  I missed a float plane and a balloon, but got most everything else.

 8 - J.D. "Jimmy" Fox is for my oldest son and his family.

 9 - F.G. Greg" Fox is for second son and his family.

 10 - C.D. "Chuck" Fox is for my third son and his family.

You are invited to tour them all and if you would like to leave me with with your impression, then fill out the "Feedback" page.  Who knows?  I might even get it.

My first horse "Tony" was borrowed, but the saddle was an "Olson-Steltser" from Henrietta, Texas ($125) you could buy the horse for $50.  The house in the background was new on the site of the one that blew away in 1936.  No indoor toilet.  You had running water if you moved fast from the pump.  Oh, on the pump platform is my two younger sisters and niece.
Even when we lived in town there was "chores" to do.  I never milked "ole Jersey," but I milked her calf . . . twice a day, every day!

My first uniform.  I made Star Scout with five merit badges.

As it turned out, I wasn't a cowboy or a football player, but I did have a girlfriend . . . circa 1944-46.
Office days as a Engineering Draftsman, Cartographer, Technical Report Writer, and general flunky.
Army times - Ft Hood 1948 with the Texas National Guard to 1961-62 Ft Polk, reservist on active duty.  The mustache was real but short lived.  The tag was a "dead tag."  In "War Games," an umpire said I was killed by enemy aircraft.  I recovered in a couple of days.
A couple of years spent in a survey party in the East Texas woods as a surveyor.  I started as "Rear Chainman," (that's the bottom) and worked my way up to Party Chief.  That paid $50 a month more than a Senior Engineering Draftsman, and meant that I had to work only one extra day each week.  This job title didn't last very long, and I really enjoyed the work. In fact all the different jobs that I have done in my life had one thing in common, i.e. you are assigned a task, then it is left up to you to do the job.  No one looking over your shoulder, to constantly correct your efforts.  A man needs to make a few mistakes and then correct them on his own.  He's not likely to ever make the same mistake twice.
The big change came i n 1966 when Mr. C.M. Scholes transferred me to Houston as a pilot on the Gulfstream I. I had been a pilot for 19 years, and had a Commercial License and Instructor certificate, with 500 hours total time.  That all changed soon.  In my first year on the G-1, i logged a little over 700 hours.
In 1968 I graduated to the Lockheed Jetstar, the first jet made expressly for business.  It had four engines and I crewed it for 16 years, approximately 2,550,000 miles with no one hurt . . . very bad.  A Pilot's airplane, and certainly my all time favorite to fly.

The Jetstar has been featured in several movies.  Probably the most memorable was Gold Finger with 007(James Bond).

Then came the Gulfstream II, 50% larger than the Jetstar, and 50% more range.  It was not as easy to fly as the Jetstar nor as much fun, but it was quite a jump in power with a large comfortable cockpit.
Early retirement from Exxon Company USA in 1986, a little more than 38 years.  I retired on a Friday, and went to work on Monday of the next week in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for the Saudi Armed Forces.  I was to fly for the Army, not the Air Force.  We transported, the senior military, royalty, and medical evacuation.  We covered several continents, and the oceans separating them in G-IIs and a G-III.
A tour  in France to fly for Air Provence International.  While there, I was loaned out to fly for Air France, Brit Air, and Swiss Air, and DHL, ask Charlotte about DHL.  I was back to the G-1.

In 1990 I bought my first airplane.  Not a partnership, but all my own.  Wood and fabric with a 300hp Lycoming engine.  It would do 155 knots on 16 gallons, and would carry a good payload.  A great little airplane until two year later when I loaned it to a friend and he ran out of gas just a half mile short of the runway in Oklahoma City.  He was a responsible type and kicked in a little to help the insurance to replace it.

I had to replace it because the insurance company called it a total loss.  Two year later I saw it advertised in a California paper for sale with no damage history!

Insurance money bought the Piper Twin Comanche It would do 165 knots on 16 gal of gas and had a range of eight hours. It was my last and one of my favorites . . . circa 1992-2003
One last effort at the flying game, came from the Shivers Estate in Austin, Texas.  I had other offers, but none of them included my wife, and I refused to take a job as a solo, period.  So, I flew the G-1 for the family of the Late Governor of Texas, Allan Shivers for seven years, until Mrs. Shivers passed away and the airplane was sold.  It was very nice for my last flying job.
The insurance companies began to complain about my age not my health in 1998 so I called it quits and started a new career in music.  There must have been a little talent in the blood somehow, note Jimmy and Chuck.  My paternal grandfather played the fiddle and my mother played the guitar.
Honer, 64 note Chromatic HarmonicaHoener 64 note Chromatic, three full octaves. My new pastime.
My proudest accomplishment!  Three sons, Jimmy the oldest, Chuck the youngest, and Greg not the oldest nor the youngest.





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