Welsh Independence?

This is written as a response to Bill Rowland's post calling for Welsh independence: https://billrowlands.home.blog/2019/05/22/a-vehicle-for-change-why-i-have-come-to-support-an-independent-wales/ I started writing this as a direct reply (first section), but ended up explaining why I disagree with almost all 'independence' campaigns (second section). Direct comments on Bill's piece: First, Bill talks about his disillusionment with Labour. I agree with … Continue reading Welsh Independence?

Do We Live in a Simulation?

Introduction Do we live in a simulation? The simulation argument, formally set out by Professor Nick Bostrom, is a startling philosophical disjunctive argument which has quite profound meta-physical and epistemological implications (Bostrom, 2003). A disjunctive argument is one which has several mutually exclusive premises (disjuncts) and one of these premises must be true. One of … Continue reading Do We Live in a Simulation?